GRIIDC Background

Our Mission
To ensure a data and information legacy that promotes continual scientific discovery and public awareness of the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.

Program Overview
GRIIDC is a team of researchers, data specialists and computer system developers who are supporting the development of a data management system to store scientific data generated by Gulf of Mexico researchers. The Master Research Agreement between BP and the Gulf of Mexico Alliance that established the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) included provisions that all data collected or generated through the agreement must be made available to the public. GRIIDC is the vehicle through which GoMRI is fulfilling this requirement.

GRIIDC is housed at the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies (HRI) at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi (TAMUCC). Administrative staff including the GRIIDC Director and Program Manager are supported by a technical staff team that includes software engineers, data analysts, web developers, and subject matter experts.

What We Do
The GRIIDC team is building a data management system for scientific data generated by Gulf of Mexico researchers. The GRIIDC data management system provides researchers with a variety of tools to help manage data throughout the lifecycle of a project. For example, the GRIIDC Dataset Information Form (DIF) is a resource designed to assist researchers with data management planning. While the system assists researchers with multiple phases of data management, the main functions of the system are storing and sharing data. Researchers from diverse fields of study, including biology, chemistry, physical oceanography, sociology, political science and public health, are able to store their data in the GRIIDC system. Through the GRIIDC Search page, researchers, policy makers, and the general public are able to search for and download this data. This shared data can be used to address innovative scientific research questions, assess policies and programs, and in educational initiatives. By providing a forum for both storing and sharing data the GRIIDC system increases the impact of scientific research in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond for the benefit of society.

Share Your Data!
GRIIDC is accepting data from researchers who would like to make their data publicly available. Please visit our GRIIDC services page for more information about the services we provide and to request a quote.