What is the GRIIDC ISO 19115-2 ISO Metadata Editor?

The GRIIDC Metadata Editor is a web-based tool that creates ISO 19115-2 compliant metadata files in XML file format. This tool is presented as a series of seven interactive forms that the user fills out. Once a user has filled in all the required information, the metadata can be saved to an XML file on their computer. No knowledge of XML is needed to complete metadata using the interactive forms.

What is ISO 19115-2?

ISO 19115-2 is a metadata standard developed and adopted by the International Standards Organization (ISO) that defines how to document and describe information. Generally, the standard defines what information is to be included in the metadata and how it should be structured or formatted. GRIIDC has chosen to adopt the ISO 19115-2 metadata standard because it has wide acceptance and is used by many data repositories, including national data centers.

What is metadata?

Metadata is data about data. Metadata is information that describes the contents and context of dataset files. Its main purpose is to help people find the data they need and determine how best to use the data. Metadata is also used to support data management, archiving, and preservation.

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