Dataset Submission

How do I upload or submit a dataset to GRIIDC?

The dataset submission process in GRIIDC is a 2 step process that begins with data management. The first step in submitting your dataset is the creation of a Dataset Information Form (DIF). Once the DIF has been approved by GRIIDC staff, you can submit your dataset to GRIIDC during Dataset Submission. Datasets can consist of multiple files that are packaged together to create a single file. If the file is less than 2 GB, it can be uploaded using direct upload during Dataset Submission.

Why should I submit my dataset to GRIIDC?

There are several reasons why you should submit your dataset to GRIIDC, however, the primary reason is related to requirements by funding agencies and journals. Of course, another reason to submit your dataset is that sharing your research will add to its value by making it available to others that may have similar interests or collaborative ideas. This also means that other researchers can cite your data and you will gain credit for it. And finally, sharing your data maximizes the impact of your research and serves as a foundation for others to build upon now and in the future.


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