GRIIDC large data submission is currently offline for maintenance.
GRIIDC large data submission is currently offline for maintenance.

Dataset Submission

What does GRIIDC consider a national data repository?

In general, a GRIIDC approved national data repository should have the following:
1. Data should have a home page
2. Data should not need a query or search to be found
3. Center should receive funding from a federal source
4. Center should have a long-term commitment to data sharing and storage

GRIIDC has determined that the following repositories are considered approved national data repositories:

How can I obtain a DOI for a dataset I have submitted to GRIIDC?

A dataset is automatically issued a DOI when it is submitted to GRIIDC. The DOI will be displayed on the dataset submission confirmation screen and emailed to the dataset submitter and data manager. The DOI will be displayed on the dataset landing page and the Search page.

How do I reference GRIIDC?

Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) funded researchers are required to provide an attribution statement in the acknowledgements section of their publication that includes the DOI(s) of related datasets.

To reference GRIIDC in your publication acknowledgements, please use one of the following formats depending on each case:

Can I provide a copy of a published journal article as my dataset?

GRIIDC is unable to accept copies of journal articles, tables and figures from journal articles, or supplementary/supporting information that is published with a journal article in a dataset. Most journal articles and associated materials are subject to copyright held by the publisher. In order to avoid legal consequences that may result from distributing these materials GRIIDC will not accept published materials as part of a dataset.

I ran a numerical model; do I need to submit the programming source code and parameters that generated the output?

Yes, GRIIDC encourages packaging the programming source code and parameters that are not proprietary information within the dataset when submitting the dataset. GRIIDC staff can work with you to review proprietary information, on a case by case basis, to determine the best possible solution to share your information without compromising intellectual property rights.

When should I submit a dataset to GRIIDC?

GRIIDC urges all researchers to submit their data as soon as they are QA/QC'd and finalized. The Research Board for the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative has provided guidance that data collected or generated by GoMRI researchers must be submitted to GRIIDC within 12 month of the date of collection. This deadline for data submission is based on the Master Research Agreement which states that all data shall be fully accessible and posted with minimum time delay. For other funding programs, please consult the timelines provided in your contract.

What is a DIF and how does it differ from a Dataset Submission?

Dataset Information Forms (DIFs) are required to supplement the Data Management Plan that defines the datasets expected to be collected and generated by a project. The information you provide via this form will assist GRIIDC in designing its infrastructure, identify areas which need special attention, and allocate resources accordingly. The DIF will also alert your colleagues to the datasets you are generating, thereby improving collaboration.

Can I submit data in Excel, MatLab or other common file formats?

Most file formats can be submitted to the GRIIDC data management system. However, GRIIDC encourages data providers to submit data in formats that promote re-use. Therefore, GRIIDC will generally not accept data submitted in PDF file format. GRIIDC promotes the submission of data in non-proprietary file formats whenever possible to facilitate long-term data storage and curation. For example, spreadsheets can be provided as csv or txt files. A dataset can include the same data in both proprietary and non-proprietary file formats.

What do I do if my dataset includes multiple files?

The GRIIDC submission interface has been updated on 05-04-2021 to allow for the upload of multiple files and folders. Files and folders can be uploaded from a local computer or by using the drag and drop option. Please consult the GRIIDC dataset submission guidance for more information.

What is a dataset?

The definition of what constitutes a dataset varies across disciplines and is determined by the community of interest. Usually a dataset is a meaningful group or collection of related data; data can be related because, for example, they were collected during a specified time period, at a specific location or because they measure a specific parameter. GRIIDC encourages scientists to share all the research data collected that another scientist would find useful.


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