GRIIDC Releases New Dataset Landing Page!

The GRIIDC software development team recently released a new version of the dataset landing page. All datasets have a dataset landing page in the GRIIDC system that provides information about the dataset and the ability to download the data and metadata.

The new page was developed not only to improve the layout but also to allow for the download of individual files. In the past, datasets that contained multiple files would need to be zipped into a single file and submitted to GRIIDC. In May 2021, GRIIDC released software allowing for the submission of multiple files for a dataset. The new dataset landing page allows a user to view the file/folder listing in a dataset and provides the ability to download individual files or the entire dataset. Another improvement was the addition of descriptive information - data parameters and units and methods – to the page.

We are excited to release this new version that will make it easier for users to download data. As always, please let us know if there are any issues or if you have any ideas for improvement.