The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Featured in Oceanography Magazine

Over the past 10 years, the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) has generated a monumental body of interdisciplinary, collaborative research. Approximately 4,000 scientists and students have dedicated their careers and education to investigate the intricacies of oil spills and their impacts on the environment and public health. Oceanography, the official magazine of The Oceanography Society, has published a special issue dedicated to the GoMRI’s work. The publication combines articles describing discoveries, lessons learned, and key advances in oil spill science.

There is a section on GRIIDC’s origin as the GoMRI’s data repository and revealing the unique challenge of creating a data repository as the research to fill it was being conducted simultaneously. GRIIDC also describes our journey along the way and, thanks to this massive collaboration, how GRIIDC became a leader in scientific data repositories. Read more about this extraordinary project and all the work and dedication involved to help understand and protect the dynamic environment of the Gulf of Mexico: GoMRI Special Issue of Oceanography.