Submitting Data to GRIIDC Just Got Easier!

The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Information & Data Cooperative (GRIIDC) team is pleased to announce the release of new software that simplifies the dataset submission workflow. A separate metadata file is no longer needed to submit a dataset file to GRIIDC. Instead, information previously submitted in the metadata file will be provided through the new Dataset Submission interface.

Submitting data to GRIIDC is now easier than ever with a new three-step process. First submit a Dataset Information Form (DIF) to help plan your data collection. After data have been collected or generated, a data file will be submitted using the new Dataset Submission interface where information is also collected to describe the contents of the dataset. Once a dataset has been submitted, the last step is submitting a DOI request form so a DOI can be issued for the dataset.

The GRIIDC ISO 19115-2 Metadata Editor is still available as a tool to help create metadata files for other projects. The Metadata Editor is now located under the main menu tab, “Help”. If users have an ISO 19115-2 metadata file that contains information about a dataset, they can use the Import ISO Metadata XML File feature to load the metadata file information into the required fields in Dataset Submission.

Other improvements to the site include additional information being pre-filled from the Dataset Information Form (DIF) into Dataset Submission (contact information and parameters and units), a button on the approved Dataset Information Form (DIF) which directs users to a pre-filled Dataset Submission, and a link to the pre-filled Dataset Submission on the DIF approval notification email.

The GRIIDC team has been hard at work making improvements to our data management system. We are constantly striving to improve our system and make it easier for users to submit and access data. We appreciate any feedback about improvements or issues. Please use the “Report Issue” or “Suggest Improvement” tabs located at the top of the website if you encounter a problem or have a suggestion. You can also contact us directly by email: