HRI and GRIIDC are Featured on ESIP Website as "Partner Highlight"

The Earth Science Information Partnership (ESIP) recently featured the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies (HRI) and GRIIDC as a highlighted project on their website. ESIP is “a nonprofit, volunteer and community-driven organization that advances the use of Earth science data through meetings and virtual collaborations around 30+ Earth science data related topics.” They partner with federal data centers, government research laboratories, research universities, education resource providers, technology developers, and a number of nonprofit and commercial initiatives.

HRI has been a partner of ESIP since 2018, so this was a good time and place for GRIIDC to be introduced! The article features HRI as a “Partner Highlight,” and features GRIIDC as the “Project Spotlight.” It explains how GRIIDC is a “multidisciplinary data repository that stores and shares data generated by Gulf of Mexico researchers.” It also explains how the program started after the BP oil spill and its function as the data repository for the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI). The article details the type of data that GRIIDC stores, as well as their plans to continue to be the prime data repository for future Gulf of Mexico research by partnering with other non-GoMRI institutions.

You can read the article here: